Wednesday, May 17, 2006

FrontPageMag on Radical Islam's Illegal Immigrant Recruitment Campaign

Today's top article at exposes some disturbing political developments in Virginia, where an Islamic radical group has launched a drive to recruit illegal aliens into the organization's terror-support network:

This month's defeat of local politicians who built the equivalent of a day-care center for illegal Hispanic immigrants in a leafy Washington, D.C., suburb was a victory not just for immigration reformers but also anti-terror watchdogs. Angry voters in Herndon, Va., swept out their bleeding-heart mayor and two of his allies on the town council and replaced them with candidates who are not expected to renew the lease of a controversial hiring site set up to help illegal aliens find work. Lost in all the controvery, however, is the more disturbing fact that the site -- a covered building featuring picnic tables and bathrooms -- was founded by a Muslim charity with ties to suspected Saudi-backed terror front groups. Its town operating permit won't expire until the fall of 2007, allowing the group not only time to aid and abet hundreds more illegal immigrants, but possibly recruit them. The hiring center -- called the Herndon Official Workers Center -- is a charitable front for da'awa, or Islamic outreach to non-Muslims. Local law enforcement officials say the Saudis see new Hispanic arrivals to America as particularly ripe for conversion to Islam, and have even added an annex to their madrassa in another Washington suburb to help indoctrinate the beholden immigrants. Years ago the Saudis and their Wahhabi lobby set up a terror-support network in Northern Virginia, right across the Potomac from the White House. Not coincidentally, Northern Virginia now boasts the fastest-growing Muslim population in the nation. Immigrants from the Middle East are flocking there, along with immigrants from Mexico and Central America attracted by a local construction boom. Authorities fear the demographic convergence is facilitating the religious conversion of possible future Jose Padillas.
The news in this article coincides with the developments surrounding the May 1 national illegal immigrant boycott, in which organizational activities were infiltrated by International ANSWER, the hardline communist front group. For my earlier post on the radical takeover of the open-borders movement, which includes a Lou Dobbs commentary piece on the topic, click here. Also, my letter to the editor in my college's campus newspaper is now available online. For my previous post with the original letter rebutting the pro-reconquista viewpoint click here.


EKENYERENGOZI Michael Chima said...

I said it all on other political blogs that America must bug all Muslims in US.
Because, they are breeding terrorists in their homes and mosques.

God help America.

Donald Douglas said...

Certainly, this is the kind of activity to which domestic surveillance should be directed. Thanks for the comments.

Anonymous said...

It's good to find another racist who is adept at cloaking their fears and solutions in words of many fine letters.
Stay strong and stay brave.
We will prevail.
We must prevail.