Monday, May 28, 2007

Democrats Dishonor War Dead in Calls for Memorial Day Protests

I was taken aback by this Sunday editorial from the New Hampshire Union Leader on Democratic Party calls for war protests on Memorial Day. I probably shouldn't have been, though. I left the Democratic Party because of their anti-military ideology (noted here, but see also here), and I grieve for the families of our nation's fallen. Here's the Union Leader's editorial in full:

Speaking at New England College's graduation two weekends ago, former Sen. John Edwards advanced his political ambitions by breaking two taboos. He politicized both the college's commencement address and Memorial Day.

Edwards urged Americans to use Memorial Day to protest the war in Iraq.

Even left-wing columnist Joe Conason, a critic of the war, the Bush administration and the American Legion, criticized that move, writing, "it is neither kind nor smart to wave protest signs on Memorial Day."

To call Edwards' move "unkind" is being charitable. Using America's fallen as a backdrop for an anti-war protest is a crass exploitation of our war dead.

"It's as inappropriate as a political bumper sticker on an Arlington headstone," wrote American Legion National Commander Paul Morin.

Sadly, Edwards is not alone in his disregard for our service members. Last week 142 House members, including Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Paul Hodes, and 14 senators, including Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, voted against continued funding for our troops in Iraq. They voted for surrender.

President Bush has mismanaged the war in Iraq. But instead of trying to help make the war succeed, Democrats in Congress are trying to manufacture a defeat so they can claim the ultimate political victory: complete destruction of the Bush presidency. It would be a political victory purchased at the expense of America's national security, as a defeat in Iraq would embolden and energize our radical Islamist enemy.

Meanwhile, anti-war protesters across the country are planning to take Edwards' advice and turn out at Memorial Day parades tomorrow to protest the war, thus insulting the sacrifices of all who lost their lives and their innocence in the swirling desert sands of Iraq.

We remember when Memorial Day was just that: a day to memorialize those who gave their lives to purchase our freedom. If the anti-war Left had any shame or honor it would realize that Memorial Day is not a day for politics, but for remembrance and tribute.

To repeat: Edwards' spur to the antiwar crowds is insulting, disgusting, and unpatriotic, and the Democratic agenda in Congress threatens the nation's security. I have nothing further to say about that.

For a bit more respectful acknowledgement of the sacrifices of our fallen figthers,
please see my post from last year on President Bush's Memorial Day speech at Arlington National Cemetery.

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