Sunday, July 29, 2007

Summer Vacation 2007

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I'll be vacationing next week in Washington, D.C., and New York City with my oldest son. Blogging will resume sometime the second week of August. I want to thank my readership for all the great comments and debates we've seen this last few weeks. Upon my return, I pledge to leave a comment on the blog of anyone who comments here.

My son and I have a great itinerary planned: It's pretty much a full day of travel flying from the West Coast to the East. But on our second day of the trip, our first visit will be a tour of the White House. I had to make arrangements for the White House tour through my congressman's office. His staff was very professional and organized. We'll also be having a tour of the Congress on our third day in D.C. I got some tickets for a Washington Nationals baseball game as well, and I'm really excited to visit Arlington National Cemetery.

Of course, one full afternoon will be spent on the Washington Mall, taking in the memorials to the triumphs and tragedy of American history. My dad took me to Washington when I was a small boy, and I promised my son I'd take him. He loves history, so he'll be really receptive to our travels.

We're also spending a few days in New York City. We'll take the train from Washington, and after a day of rest we'll visit the Statue of Liberty and cruise around downtown Manhattan. I've also secured Yankees tickets (which are the most expensive baseball tickets I've ever seen), so we'll visit Yankee stadium before its demise next year. I also want to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, as well as the United Nations.

Well, so far it looks like our days are just packed!

Thanks again to all the wonderful people I've been meeting online! Vacation time is also a blogging vacation - we all need to take a few days away from our computers from time to time.

God bless America!

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