Monday, September 24, 2007

Check Out the Hate Mail

Cinnamon Stillwell provides an intimate look into the minds of hate-addled leftists in a recent post on her hate mail.

Stillwell's a columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle who published
a breakout piece on post-9/11 conservatism a couple of years back. Her views elicit some nasty attacks. Here's a sample:

You give cover to the illegal bush regime and betray your roots. You are sickening for not calling the Chimpy McHitlerstein corruptocracy what it is and demanding Bush's impeachment. Bush stands against world justice and heads the worst Rogue State in the history of the world. Too bad you are blinded by your love of GW War Criminal. PS-I hope you get fired soon. You just dont fit in to SF. Move to Utah.

Dear Strawberry STINKwell -- Yet again, you have missed the point completely. You are a facist bitch with nothing intelligent to say. Go directly to South Dakota, where maybe you might find some support of your kind. Don't count on it though. As long as you vomit when you speak, no one will find your message appealing. Go work for the worst newspaper in the country, somewhere other than San Francisco. You are trash. You are filth. Your message doesn't matter at all.

If you have so much sympathy towards your butcher fake/forged mother country why don't you move to it and leave America for the Americans, you fifth column zionist! Or perhaps you are one of those conservative christian a--? Ha?

Whatever peice of human flesh are you, move to Israel, and stop exploiting America to the advantage of you murderous fellow jews/zionist!

...So be a good girl and leave America today. ok sweetheart.

my warm and remote kisses go to all you f--ing israeli americans (enemy's fifth column).


The only terrorist at this point is sick people like you, spinning and making leaps of connections that do not exist. While this administration...full of draft dodgers and frat boys...make unprepared war with American teenagers that are too irresponsible to hire in a convienience store. We send out Kids who are less morally prepared then any other generation. These are not kids who go into battle with god in their hearts...they listen to rap about murder and gang rape. Then we keep them in a prelonged state of stress because we do not have enough soldiers to relieve them. The end resault is the murders and rapes of innocent at the hands of US tax hired soldiers.

You are an accessory to murder and rape. I hope you and your family suffer the same fate...I pray for it you sick f--.

Read Stillwell's original article posting these attacks. There's some commonality among the e-mails, for example: (1) We see no attempt to rebut substantive points with logic or fact; and (2) The writers mount vicious ad hominem attacks and slurs, including much rancid anti-Semitism, as well as physical threats against Stillwell, some even callling for her death.

I admire Stillwell's courage and equanimity in writing about this. I receive hate-filled attacks frequently in the comments on my blog. In my most recent entry one commenter denounced my analysis of Iran's nuclear threat with some wicked anti-Semitism:

And what's so bad about the destruction of Israel...After all, your dear Bush just destroyed Iraq, and Sadam didn't even have a concentration camp with 1.7 million innocent starving people living like dogs for the past 40 odd years....

Now, before your numb loyal brains kick into overdrive, and make you send me some hatemail, just stop and think this material over for a minute. That's the least you can do for me, since I just wasted my 5 minutes enlightening you.

Wow, I might even get more of this stuff! Surprise, surprise!

Check the comment in the post: This cowardly commenter stole the URL from Angel at Woman Honor Thyself. These rabid Israel-bashing nihilists rarely have the guts to link to their own whacked-out blogs, and when they do, they'll refuse to defend their allegations of lies, genocide, or whatever's the administration's crime-du-jour.

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