Monday, September 03, 2007

Proud Marine Would Head Back to Iraq if He Could

Of all the my recent YouTube posts on this on this month's "September Surge" of pro-victory rallies in Washington, this one on featuring Andrew Robinson is the most moving (via Wake Up America):

I would also like to share this moving poem of patriotism and sacrifice, from Rich Casebolt's blog:

As I watched as my grandfather was laid to rest, having served in World War II
The flag of our nation was placed over his casket, showing him the honor he was due
Then those colors were carefully folded and gently, placed into my Granny's hands
As a token of thanks to them for serving our nation, so long ago in foreign lands

I have seen that ritual, again and again, and each time it makes me catch my breath
At the sight of presenting that folded flag, to the one left behind by death
It's especially hard, when the one being honored just fell by the enemy's hand
It makes me ask what can I do, so not so many, die so young to defend this land?

Read the rest of the poem.

Rich actually posted this last Memorial Day, but I thought these words might be appropriate for today's holiday, to show some appreciation for our fighting men and women who continue their valiant labors in Iraq.

Have a great day everyone!

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