Sunday, August 12, 2007

More Leftist E-Mail Analysis

Dr. Sanity gets a load of whacked-out e-mail! She posted her latest installment of the "hate-filled electronic missives chronicles" yesterday, breaking down this most recent lefty attack into psychological categories (projection, paranoia, fantasy, etc.).

Read the e-mail in the post, then the response. I particularly liked this section on "Delusion/Entitlement/Malignant Narcissism":

Let's not forget that this person undoubtedly thinks of itself as a real American patriot, speaking truth to power ("your little drunken POS brain dead appointed moron squatting in my White house"). Note the reference to "my" White house, as if the White House belongs only to his/her ilk--implying that if he/she and his/her friends are not living in it, it was somehow illegitimately taken from them because it belongs to them!

Finally, as a card-carrying member of the compassionate, loving, and non-violent political left--who always support peace, love, brotherhood and justice--you may come away with the non-PC impression that the author is actually not a very nice person at all!

What gives this aspect of badron023's personality away? Call me psychic, but his/her obvious dedication to the basic "principles" of today's left, comes through in phrases such as "get your sorry azz" and "little drunken POS brain dead appointed moron" and "fkn chit stain traitors".

The deliberate abuse of spelling and grammar is a dead giveaway that badron023 is a product of the primarily self-esteem-enhancing K-12 curriculum of today's public education, which encourages the notion that just because you have some opionion or feeling that something is true (even if you can't articulate it in any rational or coherent manner); that your opinion or feeling will always trump objective reality because the only reality that matters is how good you feel about yourself.

Like all the
denialists of the left, these little adolescent drama kings and queens intend to twist, manipulate and distort reality and truth to fit their agenda.

And I, for one, do not intend to let them get away with it - at least on this blog.

In the great scheme of things, what I say about them doesn't matter much. Logic dictates that both of us cannot be correct in our diametrically opposed assessments of what is real and what is not; about what is true and what is false.

We may, in fact, both be wrong.

I am content to let the final arbiter be reality, itself.
Ah, reality. Now that's a good thing!

And to admit that we could be wrong? Unheard of in my exchanges with the radical left!

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