Thursday, August 09, 2007

Santa Ana Spurns Illegal Alien Sanctuary

I haven't posted on illegal immigration for awhile (one of my best recent entries was my thrashing of Time's case for amnesty). So, after seeing No More Spin's post on Santa Ana's rejection of a city sanctuary for illegal immigrants, perhaps it's time to get back into the immigration debate!

according to this story in the Orange County Register, a pro-illegal alien coalition is working to establish a hotline to notify families of pending government immigration raids (in response to Santa Ana's decision):

A coalition of local immigrant rights groups, including the Orange County Alliance for Immigrants Rights and the Front Against the Raids, announced a planned program to create a hot line that will notify people where and when immigration raids will take place. The program would also coordinate a support system for the families of deportee targets.
Here's what No More Spin had to say about this:

First of all, these groups are not Immigrants' Rights activists. They are illegal immigrant activists, who push for rights that illegal aliens do not have. It's yet another example of American media deliberately try to blur the lines between legal immigrants and illegal immigrants. Contrary to what contrast wants to claim, the federal government arresting illegal aliens is not a violation of their rights. The federal government is exercising its legal right to enforce the immigration laws of this country. If you have a problem with that, change the law or leave the country. Those accused of being in the country illegally have the right to a fair deportation hearing, but they do not have the right to stay here.

It's obnoxious that people who come to this country illegally have the gall to demand the right of citizenship. They do not deserve to stay in this country and deserve deportation. Additionally, doesn't this hotline smack of obstruction of justice? They're deliberately interfered with law enforcement trying to block the enforcement of American laws. Federal law enforcement in Southern California should look into this to see if it's a criminal violation.
That's well said!

No More Spin
links a hat tip to Captain's Quarters as the source.

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